Pair of Penn State Players Released for Transfer

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Nittany Lions

A former chief financial officer who accrued over 17 years of experience between retail companies Ascena Retail Group and A’GACI, Reid Hackney retired in 2017. The recipient of a bachelor’s in accounting from Penn State University, Reid Hackney maintains an affiliation to the school through his support of its football team, the Nittany Lions.

The Nittany Lions are playing in this year’s Fiesta Bowl, but they will be without kicker Alex Barbir and running back Andre Robinson, as both players were granted their release from the team to pursue transfer options. A redshirt freshman from Georgia, Barbir played in two games this season, but didn’t attempt an extra kick or field goal. He was part of the team’s 2016 recruiting class. Robinson, meanwhile, was part of the 2015 recruiting class. He had 29 carries in 2016, but served as a backup to both Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders this season. Through 17 games with the team, Robinson accumulated 243 yards from scrimmage and scored seven touchdowns.

Fortunately for Penn State, the team already has commitments from players at both positions as part of its 2018 recruiting class. Four-star running back Ricky Slade of Virginia has agreed to enroll in the school next year, as has three-star kicker Jake Pinegar of Iowa.

Preventing Common Cycling Injuries

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Now retired, Reid Hackney is the former CFO and vice president of A’GACI, LLC, and former senior vice president of finance for Ascena Retail Group. An avid outdoorsman, Reid Hackney enjoys cycling around San Antonio, Texas.

Knee injuries are among the most common injuries plaguing cyclists. Typically caused by overuse, these types of injuries include medial plica syndrome, cyclist’s knee, and patella tendinitis. The best way to prevent such injuries is to maintain good knee placement throughout the duration of a ride or use shoe implants beneath the shoes. These types of injuries can also be avoided by slowly building up strength to reduce knee strain and pedaling in lower gears every once in awhile.

Hand and toes injuries are also frequent problems and can result in the hand or toes feeling numb or tingling. Numbness in the toes is generally caused by the nerves being compressed due to tight shoes or road vibration. It can be easily avoided by adjusting the shoes, keeping feet straight when on the pedal, and removing irregular seams pressing on the foot. Meanwhile, hand injuries can be avoided by keeping the wrist straight when riding and having a firm, but relaxed grip on the handlebars.

Finally, pain in the lower back or on the shoulders may be experienced by regular cyclists. Shoulder pain is generally linked to longer rides and comes about by putting too much weight on the hands or keeping the elbows straight. Flexing the elbow and moving weight to the body resolves these issues. In terms of lower back pain, cyclists may experience this if they ride for too long without a break or have a lot of stress on the spine. Ideally, the back should be kept straight and relaxed.