Penn State Football’s “White Out”

Penn State Football pic

Penn State Football

Now retired, Reid Hackney was the CFO and VP for AGACI in San Antonio, Texas from 2012 to 2017. An alumnus of Pennsylvania State University, Reid Hackney is still a staunch supporter of the Nittany Lion football team.

Most Penn State football fans are familiar with the annual “white out” games each year, which are scheduled events where every Nittany Lion fan in attendance is expected to wear white. The tradition began with the student stadium section in 2004, and prior to that, there were “code blues,” where students attending the game were encouraged to wear blue.

The student “white outs” were so loud and enthusiastic that opposing teams found it hard to hear their own quarterback calls at the line of scrimmage. The excitement eventually spread to the rest of the fans. The first stadium-wide “white out” game was played in 2007, and they have occurred each year except for 2010.

While the team only has a .500 record in “white out” games, they are always played against top-notch opponents, and Penn State has notched big wins during the last two years against both Ohio State and the University of Michigan.