Diets Low in Sulfur Amino Acids May Benefit Heart Health

Reid Hackney formerly served as the vice president and chief operating officer of A’GACI in San Antonio, Texas. A veteran of the fashion industry, Reid Hackney obtained his accounting degree from Penn State, which recently announced an important scientific discovery.

Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine found that a smaller-than-average amount of sulfur amino acids in one’s diet mitigated the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These acids combine to form proteins essential to normal functioning.

On average, Americans consume 2.5 times more sulfur amino acids than necessary. Foods such as meats, soy, nuts, and dairy products are rich in these chemicals. Conversely, building one’s food intake around fruits, vegetables, and grains predicts better heart health outcomes.

The study examined the blood work of some 11,000 respondents to a national health survey, and found fewer biomarkers (indicators of heart and blood vessel problems). The sample excluded people who’d had heart attacks, congestive heart failure, or other cardiovascular conditions, or consumed below-average amounts of sulfur amino acids.

Researchers noted that while the results of the study are compelling, further investigation is needed to determine whether the absence of problem biomarkers actually translates into lower cardiovascular disease rates.

Top-Rated Concert Venues in San Antonio

San Antonio Founder Lions Club Supports Local Community

Reid Hackney studied accounting at Penn State University and earned a bachelor of science before he entered a career in finance. Now retired and living in San Antonio, Texas, Reid Hackney has served as a member of the San Antonio Founder Lions Club since 2017. The organization supports its community with fundraising programs and other endeavors.

San Antonio Founder Lions Club, established in 1915, began as a way for business professionals to come together to promote companies in the San Antonio area. The club was a chapter of the Royal Order of the Lions, a national organization, and it welcomed 53 members to its first meeting.

The following year, the San Antonio club became independent from the national organization after members voiced disagreement with the organizational style and standards. Since then, the group has undergone several other transformations, but the goal of supporting the local community continues. One of the club’s programs, Big Give, raises funds for several worthy causes, including eye exams and eyeglasses for those in need.

Seeing the San Antonio Missions via the Hike and Bike Trail










A graduate of Penn State with a degree in accounting, Reid Hackney has decades of executive experience with companies such as A’gaci, LLC, and Ascena Retail Group. Now residing in San Antonio, Reid Hackney enjoys biking to the area’s local missions.

Built in the late 18th century by Spanish priests, San Antonio’s missions invite visitors on bicycle via the Hike & Bike Trail. The five missions of the Alamo, Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan, and Espada lie approximately 2.5 miles apart along the trail and the San Antonio River, and offer insight into the state’s history.

The mission park also includes a visitor center, located at Mission San Jose, where visitors can learn more about the history of the missions and the local area. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for holidays, the visitor center features an ongoing showing of a historical film.

For those planning on visiting the missions via the Hike & Bike Trail, San Antonio’s B-Cycle program offers a bicycle rental system with a dock station at each site. Other stations lie scattered across the city for further explorations.

San Antonio’s Hike and Bike Trail


Reid Hackney earned his bachelor of science at Penn State and served in senior executive positions in several companies, including A’GACI in San Antonio, Texas, and the Ascena Retail Group in Suffern, Nevada. He played significant roles in the impressive growth of both companies. Now retired, Reid Hackney enjoys hiking and cycling in the San Antonio area, including on the Missions Hike and Bike Trail in San Antonio.

The Missions Hike and Bike Trail runs along the San Antonio River and connects the historic Alamo with four missions to the south. The distance from one mission to the next is about two miles or so, and there are restrooms, picnic tables, and water fountains along the way. As the trail is mostly flat, it is an easy ride or walk for most. On the way, you’ll pass over bridges and through meadows filled with wildflowers and dotted with oaks.

After the Alamo, you’ll reach Mission Concepcion, with its robust stone church, then Mission San Jose with its still-standing cloister walls and decorated facade. There are also the remains of an irrigation system as well as a bell tower at Mission San Juan. Last, at Mission Espada, you’ll see a dam and an aqueduct, remnants of a once prosperous agricultural area. The trail route is out and back, and bicycles are available for rent. If visiting during San Antonio’s hot summer, it is important to bring water plenty of water.

What Size Bike Do I Need?

Senior finance executive Reid Hackney worked in the retail industry for more than four decades. Now retired, the Penn State graduate focuses much of his time on the outdoors. Reid Hackney enjoys hiking and biking around San Antonio, Texas.

Choosing a bicycle that is the correct height is key to enjoying an efficient and comfortable ride. There are several methods of finding the bike size you need, but the easiest is to consult a size chart. These simple charts tell you how long the bike’s seat tube should be for your height.

While simple, a size chart is not the most accurate method. Many riders prefer calculating bike size according to their inside leg measurement.

To obtain your inseam measurement, stand upright in bare feet, and measure the distance between the ground and the spot where your leg joins your torso. Once you have your inseam measurement, you can look for a bike that fits you.

Pay attention to the bike’s stand-over height, the distance between the ground and the top tube. Ideally, your inseam will be at least two centimeters greater than the bike’s stand-over height.

Historic and Natural Cycling Courses in San Antonio

San Antonio River Walk

Reid Hackney is a Penn State graduate with a leadership background in San Antonio that includes a past position with AGACI as chief financial officer. An outdoors enthusiast, Reid Hackney enjoys exploring the region’s cycling trails in his free time.

Many areas residents don’t realize that the Alamo City offers 75 miles of multi-use cycling routes, with the Mission Reach at San Antonio River Walk being an ideal starting point. Traversing 10 miles, the route takes in a diverse watershed ecosystem, as well as many of the area’s historic missions. A highlight is the Mission San José, which offers guided tours. Missions San José and Concepción also offer abundant eateries.

For those seeking more natural environs, the Leon Creek Greenway offers 20 miles of natural and paved trails that take in rolling and moderately steep terrain. Cycling up to Military Drive provides excellent views of fields blanketed with wildflowers in season, as well as limestone bluffs.

Penn State Signs Top Junior College Wideout

Penn State Football pic

Penn State Football

Holding an undergraduate degree from Penn State University, retired retail executive Reid Hackney most recently served as a vice president and chief financial officer at A’GACI in San Antonio, Texas. Reid Hackney is an avid college football fan and closely follows his alma mater.

Penn State football picked up a junior college standout after a single visit in early June. The Nittany Lions brought Lackawanna College wideout Norval Black in for a workout and liked him so much they offered him a scholarship on the spot. Black didn’t take long to think about it and accepted the offer immediately. Penn State was the only FBS (Division I) school to offer the junior college wide receiver a spot.

In his freshman season with Lackawanna, the 6’1 wideout hauled in 15 catches for 445 yards and 5 touchdowns. Black played his high school football at Northwest High School in Germantown, Maryland. After his visit, he said he felt like Penn State was “home” the second he set foot on the campus.

Penn State Football Looking to Europe for Recruits


What to Pack for a Hike

Hiking pic


Retired CFO and SVP Reid Hackney enjoys participating in outdoor activities. Reid Hackney’s preferred outdoor pastimes include bicycling and hiking.

The art of packing for a hike requires a delicate balance between weight and necessity. Carrying too much weight leads to fatigue, but taking too few items leads to unpreparedness.

Here are some of the most essential items to pack for a hike:

– A map, a compass, and a GPS unit are essential. While you may be tempted to take a GPS unit alone, you could easily lose it, or it could lose its charge.

Extra food and water should always be a consideration. Hunger and thirst can kill. Always take a little more food and water than seem necessary.

Safety items, such as matches, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit should be mainstays in any hiking pack. Sports outfitters carry prepackaged first-aid kits for hikers. A knife can also play an important role in safety and may be useful for cutting bandages and fishing out splinters.